Monday, April 19, 2010

Warning: it has a long cooking time

But the results are fantastic!

Meet my newest sous chef, Charlotte Grace.

Born April 9th, weighing 7.5 pounds and 19.5 inches long. Everything went well and we are all settling into our new routines.

On a side note, I realize that have totally neglected this blog and therefore probably have little to no readers left. Each day I have thought about posting, but honestly the excitement has been gone from blogging for me for quite a while. I find myself rethinking how I want to lay things out, what kind of content I want to include, etc. I really want to change the look of this blog, but I really treasure sleep more now than ever and so this blog is once again is on the back burner.

I really want to carve time out to make some needed changes. I would like to incorporate some new ideas and definitely keep up with more recipes. I'd love it if you stayed tuned, but I've asked that before and so I may start again from scratch. But, that is how some of the best recipes are made!