Sunday, January 18, 2009

I made it two weeks!

My resolution to try to blog every day in January just to prove that I could is still going strong! There is only one problem. What is it about Sunday and blogging? I seem to be unable to do much. I've been sitting in front of a blank screen forever trying to think about what to write about tonight. My mind is a total blank. Sunday is usually my favorite day because I get to sleep in. Unfortunately, the hubs is sick and so, I had early duty today.

Dinner was family favorites tonight and that for us today was corned beef and cabbage. Nothing spectacular...I threw everything in the crockpot and turned it on. I even made cookies today! But, they were my favorite chocolate chip cookies, no new surprises there!

I hope I have something more interesting to post tomorrow....maybe I'll finally finish my Iron Cupcake entry idea! Think chocolate and cabernet and dare I say...goat cheese? Stay tuned!

I'm off to have a piece of chocolate cake....


Tanner's Mom said...

PLEASE don't say you're going to use goat cheese & chocolate in the same thing? YUCKO! Or goat cheese in your cupcake?

Maybe today was just an off day since you were out of your usual routine of sleeping in. I think you've done great keeping with your resolution so far! Keep it up!

Calm In The Kitchen said...

Actually, I made some goat cheese truffles once that were spectacular, believe it or not! I've also seen a cannoli using a combo of goat cheese and topped with a little chocolate. I thought both went well with wine (which is the challenge)

Now you have me rethinking everything, ah!

I was thinking of using it with cream cheese as the frosting on my cupcake....we'll see. I haven't had time to even get that going yet today, so it might not happen!

;) amy

Reeni♥ said...

I had to laugh at the first comment! I think the goat cheese will be fine, especially if you've tried it in a truffle before. I worked on mine today, too. You made it through two weeks, yay!!

I really don't have any tips. Whenever I do something new to my blog I just pray that it works and doesn't screw anything up! I also have a private test blog that I try things out on before I do anything. I kept my old template this time and just changed my header. I like your header and the colors on your blog. The green is very soothing, perfect since your blog title is about being calm.