Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy National Cupcake Day

Today has been crazy and not for any one specific reason. Time was never on my side. Now that I am finally able to catch up on my emails and favorite blogs what do I discover but that it is National Cupcake Day! I totally let it pass me by. Every day I think about making cupcakes and this should have been the one day that I did it. Argh.

I even had plans to work on my next Iron Cupcake: Earth cupcake. With two little ones nothing ever goes how you "plan" on it so my day was not spent baking as I would have liked. My sous chef was severely disappointed that we didn't make anything, but I did promise that tomorrow would be filled with confections.

I promise, dear cupcake, I have been thinking of you. Please accept my apologies for not celebrating your day properly.